The Most Famous Dubai Hotels

Before you visit a city situated anywhere in the world, one of the first things you must do is look for an appropriate accommodation for you, to serve all your needs and to help you in having the best time during your vacation. Well, if you are planning to go to Dubai, you will surely have to face the confusion of choosing from the widest choice of hotels in the world. Dubai has all kinds and all types of hotels in all categories around the city. So hereby, we have some suggestions to help you to choose the best hotel for your holiday.

Dubai has hundreds of hotels, so you will need to have some time for making the good decision. Besides, a good hotel aims to serve your needs the best, with services, with its quality and with its location. The average hotel prices are not too high in Dubai, talking about the good and the middle category hotels, which you can find just every corner.

Let us introduce some of the most popular choices now, and then we will write on some dangers or bad surprises you might face, if you do not choose carefully enough.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel
This hotel is one of the most popular seaside luxury resorts in Dubai. Not that it is alone, because there are dozens of hotels nearby, but this is one of the largest and best hotels. Equipped with a huge area and a private beach just next to the hotel, this is an ideal place for everyone to enjoy a good seaside holiday.

Atlantis, the Palm
Atlantis is one of the most popular choices because, of its hugeness! It has a great attraction, a theme park on its own called Aquaventure, which make people stay inside the hotel more than going out to the city. This wonderful Dubai theme park offers many facilities for kids and adults. Its huge Dolphin Bay is really a must see, together with the Lost Continent Tour, which takes you to the Lost Chambers, a unique attraction of Aquaventure. The hotel is located on the artificial island complex called Palm Jumeirah and from there, no matter where your room is, you will get a magnificent view to the sea. The hotel is a must-visit even for those who do not stay there. The monorail of the island enables the visitors to be in the downtown area more quickly. Otherwise, the transportation is one of the trickiest parts, concerning this hotel.

Dubai Marina Mall
This is a relatively new complex with hotel and every possible service for one to enjoy their holiday in the best way. If you would prefer to see the new face of Dubai with its ultramodern skyscrapers, then it is the place for you. Dubai Marina is a brand new living area, wanting to represent the Marine Life of Dubai, with many artificial lakes and lagoons. The Marina is willing to take over the small-boat traffic control and station of Dubai, so you may see it filled with boats and yachts of all kind.

Hyatt Park Hotel
This hotel lies in one of the best and most relaxed downtown zones of Dubai. Therefore, it is great for those who would like to see and experience as must as possible, while staying in Dubai. The hotel is located next to the famous Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and nearby the beautiful river-like Dubai Creek, enabling you to use the water taxi to visit the neighbouring souks of Deira and the beautiful Bur Dubai and of course, it is not far from the sea either. Hyatt chain also has a very good hotel by the beach, so it is worth staying there.

Burj Al Arab Hotel
The most iconic building of Dubai is a worldwide famous resort. If you can ever get to Burj Al Arab, you will have ever-lasting memories. The hotel, which is in fact not seven stars but five stars officially, is really a great place. Only difficulties are with bookings, as the hotel and all its areas are all pre-booked long before someone’s stay, so if you wish to stay in this beautiful hotel you may have to book it well in advance. Take care of the dressing codes when visiting such a hotel, as that is necessary for everyone, otherwise you may face unwanted situations; they might simply not let you enter the restaurant wearing shorts and shirts.

Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel
This is one real skyscraper luxury hotel, ideal for everyone who would like to taste the New York-feeling of Dubai. The luxury residences within this hotel suit every needs and from here, you have an easy way to go anywhere within the downtown of Dubai. This hotel is best used by business travellers. The hotel is situated in one of the two huge skyscrapers, which together form the Emirates Towers, in the very downtown of Dubai.

The Luxury Residences
There are some real luxury residences for those who want a special stay in Dubai, for example the Al Bustan Centre and Residences, which give an overall feel-good plus to your stay in Dubai. The Al Bustan Residences are part of the Al Bustan complex and shopping mall. Therefore, you can imagine the number of services they might have for their guests.

Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa
Located a little bit away from the city, this is the place to be for all those, who want their stay to be free from traffic and noise. This resort offers all types of sports from waterskiing to horse riding. Moreover, its area is huge! You can even get on a seaplane flight from here to fly over Dubai, and besides you can start a diving or a golf course over here. The spa gives you many great beauty and medical treatments and your stay can be great over here in all points. Although, Jebel Ali is a little bit far from the centre, any taxi or bus can take you into the city within about half an hour. Jebel Ali also offers shooting, water –ski, paragliding, Jet Ski courses in its area. The beach of Jebel Ali Golf Resort is private and you can even try some deep-sea and seaside fishing there, as the only place near the metropolis, where such thing can be imagined.

So that is all for the hotel introduction of the main types and categories of hotels that can be found in Dubai. Of course, there are hundreds more, but these categories are more or less covering all types of hotel needs. Look into the offers of travel agents too, and ask prices from the hotels directly too, might be that you can get a great discounted price. Look up Google maps as well for a more targeted search, and be informed on the huge construction sites, so that your hotel would be far away from those. Take care, as many seaside hotels have tricky beaches to reach, especially near the Palm Jumeirah Island. Finally yet importantly, book in advance!

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