Traditional Indian Jewellery in Dubai

India has the longest history of gold jewellery making and India was the first ever country to mine gold as well. This means that in India jewellery was used already while other civilisations did not even know of its existence. The gold manufacturing history of the country is 5000 years old. Still today, India is among the largest gold suppliers in the world and more than 90% of rough diamonds are polished and cut in India. This means Dubai is an exceptionally lucky emirate, having established business relations with India long ago, while they were importing Dubai pearls to India and returned with gold in return. Dubai has an extremely big Indian colony out of which several deal with the jewellery manufacturing business, with supply chains coming from India. Three of Dubai’s largest jewellery brands are also Indian: the Joyalukkas Jewellery, the Dhamani Jewellery and the Pure Gold Group.

India has an extreme variety of jewellery, most of which are not used and not even known by the Western civilisations. You will get a great chance to see great Indian jewellery in Dubai and however most of the Dubai Indian jewelleries deal with less traditional jewellery making, in order to suit the Western and International taste, you can get to see lots of great examples of Indian jewellery over here. One of the best places for you to find traditional Indian jewellery in Dubai is to look for the stores of Meena Jewellers. Here you can see an extreme variety of traditional Indian jewellery with a wide variety of gold murtis, mangalsutras, tikkas with ear chains, huger than huge gold necklaces, hair jewellery of all kinds and religious Indian jewellery.

To tell you a little bit more on traditional Indian jewellery, Indians also religious beliefs have worn gold and silver with the gold representing the sun and the silver representing the moon. As gold is a non-corrosive metal it has always been considered eternal such as gods. Let us learn some more about the unique pieces existing in the traditional Indian jewellery:

Bangles: In India, women frequently wear bangles. The more is better and the more bangles you wear the classier you look. Some bangle sets also contain pieces, which look different from the others. Kadas: Kada is an extra wide Indian style bracelet which is made out of gold often containing great decorations. The more complicated style Kadas look just breathtaking representing the highest gold manufacturing art talent and they really cost a fortune for a good reason. Kadas are also worn my men in a more discreet style of course. Mangalsutras: these are specific Indian jewellery which are ornamental style necklaces containing lots of decorations, lots of materials lots of gemstones and in the middle having a square style pendant which makes the centre of the necklace. This pendant is often quite big containing pure gold and gemstone decorations. These are for the celebrations and special occasions. In the Arabic culture, there are also necklaces, which are very similar to mangalsutras in form and shape.

Tikkas and ear chains are used by Indian women sometimes still today. Tikka starts from the nose and connects nose with the ear with a gold chain. By some Indians, this jewellery is extremely sexy. However, to wear properly you need a hole in your nostril. Most women do not wear these or they are worn in a way that you do not need to have a hole in your nose for bearing it. Sometimes the nose- rings in the nose are so large that they come well before the mouth even. Rings: rings are not only used for fingers in India but also for toes and thumbs. Hair jewellery: Hair jewellery, which decorates both the hair and the face, looks graciously worn by Indian women. Hair jewellery is still in style in India and worn on special occasions. Bridal Indian jewellery: you must see the Indian bridal jewellery at least once in a lifetime. They are huge systems of all sorts of necklaces build together made out of the best quality gold. Of course, bridal jewellery comes with earrings, bracelets, hair jewellery and everything else, which an Indian wife can handle.

You can find Meena Jewellers in the Meena Bazaar in Bur Dubai. There are other great quality Indian Jewellery that can represent you with the diverse collections of beautiful Indian jewellery, such as the Mahallati Jewellery, which you can also find in the Dubai Mall, and Devji Aurum stores serve a great variety of great Indian jewellery. In the Dubai Gold Souk, you can find the highest number of quality stores, which you would really visit to see the most beautiful fruits of the oldest jewellery making culture in the world.

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