Fun & Stylish Swatch Watches in Dubai

Swatch is the most famous and largest brand of watches in the world. Swatch group own many famous watch brands like the Tiffany & Co, Rado, Omega, Tissot and Calvin Klein. Swatch group of companies has also extended its range to include the luxury Swiss watches, so to offer more variety to their customers. The origin of swatch watches can be traced back to late 1970’s, when group of enthusiastic watch engineers made a team and started working together. The team of watch engineers worked on various watch making technologies and in 1979, introduced the world thinnest watch Delirium in the market. These watches became the trade mark and brand identity of Swatch and were remained so for many later years.

The main objective of Swatch watches engineers was to re-introduce the trend of analog watches among the market that was mainly captured by the digital and Swiss watches. It was 1983, when Swatch became a popular brand name in watches as they delivered quality, style and variety to their customers.

Swatch watches are divided into many categories and some of the most famous product line manufactured by Swatch are

• Swatch original: These swatch watches have plastic cases and they are available in range of colors, sizes and shapes.

• Swatch Irony: All those watches that have metal casing are included in this category of swatch watches.

• Swatch Skin: This family of swatch watches is further divided in two categories, the original skin and skin chronographs. The original skin is the thinnest plastic watches of the world and therefore, is given the name skin. The skin chronographs have the same size as the original skin, but they are added with the chronograph features.

• Swatch Beat: These swatch watches have the decimal time concept incorporated in them. The objective of introducing digital time in wrist watches was to ease the way people communicate in different time zones. These watches are mostly preferred by people who travel in different time zones frequently.

• Swatch Bijoux: This line of swatch watches in more luxuries and royal, as it was manufactured incorporation with Swarovski which the leading name in luxury Swiss watches.

Dubai is the most important business center of the world. This city caters many famous brands from all over the world. Apart, from the  Swiss luxury watches, the city also has the outlets of Swatch watches in famous business centers. Swatch has many outlets in Dubai, but the most famous one are located in Dubai Festival City, Burjaman Centre Dubai, Mall of Emirates, Al Ghurair Centre, IBN Battuta Mall and Wafi Center. All these malls and location in Dubai have authorized dealers of swatch watches and buying from them ensure the originality of the watches. If tourist or local people buy from other stores in Dubai, then they might get fake watches.

Swatch Watches is among the newest watch brands in the world that has become excessively famous in the past decades. Founded in the Eighties Swatch, it was predestined to bring new energy for the Swiss watch making when Japanese watches started to get incredibly famous all over the world. However, thanks to Swatch Watches, Switzerland indeed gained back its fame and the world’s largest watch conglomerate the Swatch Group was also created. In Dubai, there are several brand stores of Swatch; the brand is quite popular for the young people of Dubai.

Swatch was created to battle the rising sun of the Japanese watchmakers by which Japan has become incredibly famous for their new models of watches. Two young men created swatch in the beginning of the Eighties, who came out with a very new selling plan and a huge advertising campaign. Swatch was the first group, which started with the mass production of all plastic wristwatches. Thanks to the huge trend created by these very colourful watches, it also caused frenzy among the collectors with its thousands types all with different colours, patterns, designs. The watches were great results of the Eighties renewed pop culture and many young people even wore double and triple of Swatch watches on their wrist, hair or cloth. The fact that Swatch produced quality pieces, which did not cost more than EUR 40-50, had quickly made the brand very popular. Today Swatch is a rich sponsor of sport events, having its own sports groups as well in volleyball and ice hockey and takes part in all sorts of art exhibitions with the creation of its own art foundation some years ago.

Talking about technological novelties, the Swatch Skin is the thinnest ever watch in the world. Apart from the pop models, Swatch manufactures about ten different collections at a time, going also toward the classic look with the inclusion of precious gemstones in its watches. The main lines of Swatch include the Swatch Originals, which are the originally extra famous pop art watches. Swatch Irony includes the classical looking metal case with two sub collections, the Skin Original, the sportiest Skin Chronograph, and the Swatch Beat, which look like the Originals with additional features, such as ability to connect to the internet. Swatch Bijoux is the jewellery line made in cooperation with Swarovski Crystals. Today the Swatch group is the biggest watch group containing premiere Swiss brands like : Breguet, Glashütte Original, Léon Hatot, Omega, Rado, Longines, Union Glashütte, Tissot, Calvin Klein and Certina.

Swatch Watches are sold in several types of stores in Dubai. Swatch stores can be found in the Dubai Mall, the BurJuman Shopping Mall, the Dubai Festival City, in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Al Ghurair Mall, in the Ibn Battuta Mall and in the Deira City Centre. The Rivoli Watches store chain in several shopping malls also distributes Swatch watches.

So when in Dubai, do not forget to check out the latest releases of Swatch watches. You may have a pleasant surprise by seeing their prize as Swatch watches and all the rest of goods are sold tax free in Dubai.

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