Luxury Bags by Marc Jacobs in Dubai

Marc Jacobs is one of the most influential designers of the fashion world designing for his main line Marc Jacobs, its cheaper trendy line Marc by Marc Jacobs and also, he is the lead designer of the Louis Vuitton handbags. As the other world famous designer John Galliano is no more the leading designer of Dior, chances are high that Marc Jacobs may receive this post in the near future. The Jewish-American designer is enlisted among the 100 most influential people of the world. Marc Jacobs’s handbags are very popular all over the world and it is because Marc Jacobs handbags are not among the most expensive brands and the handbags of the Marc brand are even much cheaper, when in the same time they manage to stay trendy. Let us see where to find Marc Jacobs handbags in Dubai, where all brands can be found especially those famous all around the world.

If you would like to find handbags, the price of which is not sky high, yet they look classy, or trendy or colourful or all this in the same time, then look no further than Marc Jacobs handbags. These handbags are great because they are relatively cheap, with Marc Jacobs handbags rarely going over AED 1800 and with Marc handbags being around AED 800 max, which is a great price for such a well known brand as Marc Jacobs. Besides handbags, Marc Jacobs deals with every aspects of fashion from the women’s garments to the children garments with a wide range of accessories and leather ware. Today Marc Jacobs is sold in the main cities of the world, its slightly girly, sometimes hippy but mostly classy items are extremely popular in Japan ,where the second main market of the designer can be found. Of course, the fame of Louis Vuitton also helped to keep Marc Jacobs among the best as his own brand and also, its new perfume the “Daisy” is sold with a sound success.

If you check them out you will see that Marc Jacobs handbags don’t have a distinctive style, they come in every size and every colour, they offer evening mini-handbags and huge totes all the same. This diversity is what also makes the brand popular both as Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

In Dubai Marc Jacobs has four main label stores with the first one opened in the huge Dubai Mall and the last one located within the Dubai Festival City. The other two are both located within the Mall of the Emirates: one Marc Jacobs and one Marc store located over here. Of course each one of them have plenty of handbags on offer, but if you want to find a big variety you can also check out the Saks Fifth Avenue within the BurJuman Shopping Mall and in the Harvey Nichols Dubai which can also be found within the Mall of Emirates.

As you see, you don’t have to go all around Dubai in order to find Marc Jacobs handbags for you, its well enough basically just to visit the Mall of the Emirates and the BurJuman Shopping Mall for Saks Fifth Avenue. Dubai is a great place when it comes to fashion items and if you also think about their lower prices as Dubai is a tax-free state.

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