Popular Indian Jewellers at The Gold Souk

Dubai is one of the most famous cities for jewellery and as such it also represents a high number of Indian jewellers which first of all have arrived here in search of better business opportunities and on the other hand they represent the close business connection which has always existed between Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and India. Indian jewellers feature some of the best quality jewellery in Dubai, brining their invaluable expertise in jewellery making, as India is the country with the longest traditions of jewellery making and gold mining in the world.

Pure Gold Jewellers is the most advancing jewelleries in Dubai. The brand, originating from India uses premium quality gold, silver and platinum in its collections and it indeed represents a huge number of collections for its customers. With a great number of stores, Pure Gold is based in the Gold Souk and it is among the few Dubai jewellers, which offer premium quality diamond and platinum collections for its clients. Pure Gold offers great variety of jewellery for its clients from baby jewellery to silver, you can find everything in here with great designs. Pure Gold is also very famous for its multiple bridal jewellery collections, which also includes wedding rings for both men and women.

It is very rare for us nowadays to be able to see gold jewellery made out of 24k gold, which represents gold in its purest and most expensive forms. Although wearing 24k gold is not easy, Malabar Jewellery has decided to create a part of its luxurious collection of Indian jewellery out of 24k, which in India has been the tradition for more than a thousand years. Malabar Gold, one of India’s biggest brands when it comes to oriental or Indian style jewellery has moved to represent itself in Dubai a couple of years ago and ever since, it has huge success. Malabar represents the art of jewellery crafting in some of the nicest forms and ways you could ever see in jewellery having multiple great collections that vary according to regions and reach one represent ancient jewellery crafting methods only used by Indian jewellers. Therefore, Malabar is really worth visiting its flagship store, which you can find in the Gold Souk of Dubai.

Atlas is very famous in Dubai for its classy style of jewellery being one of the most popular Indian jewellers in the metropolis, which has become famous for its high quality and extensive collections. The collections of Atlas Jewellery vary from light Western style to the heavier Indian style, going so far that it features real must-see Indian Wedding Jewellery collections, which are one of the most beautiful and biggest sorts of Indian jewellery in the world. Atlas features beautiful diamond, gold and coloured gemstone collections and its based in the Gold Souk yet having stores all around Dubai with its biggest showrooms located in Deira, Bur Dubai and in Karama districts.

Meena is not only one of the Indian jewellers in Dubai; it is in real a company and a bazaar in the same time. Located in Al Rigga district, Meena Jewellers features the collections of dozens of Indian jewellers representing Indian style jewellery, wedding jewellery and traditional Indian jewellery from different regions of India.

When it comes to Indian jewellers, you should definitely visit at least one of the upper enlisted jewellers, because the collections of Indian jewellery really represents the full beauty of Indian artwork and in Dubai, due to their success, Indian jewellers have their most extensive collections to the visiting customers.

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