Trendy Benetton Clothes in Duabi

There is hardly anyone living in either Europe or another side of the planet and likes fashion, who would not have heard of Benetton, or United Colours of Benetton, according to the full name of the brand which is currently the most successful retail clothing brand in the so–called “casual fashion industry”. Benetton is an Italian brand, therefore you can expect great designs, colours and style all in one, no matter in which part of the world you are willing to shop in a Benetton store. Dubai is also fond of the brand. Benetton has been among the first European brands that really gained international fame and success in the fashion world. In Dubai, you can find Benetton in three shopping centres, but surely more will come; as Benetton is one of the few brands for which there are no way that, they were not successful.

Benetton is extremely famous for its lively colours, great cuts, design, and beautiful patterns. The knitwear of Benetton is just great although those items are the most unlikely to be worn in Dubai and nowhere in the Middle East. The company was founded in 1965 in Treviso, Northern Italy, where its headquarters have remained. The first Benetton store opened in 1966 and today, Benetton has over 6000 stores in 126 countries making it the biggest retail franchise system in the fashion world.

Next to Benetton, the brand also has Sisley and Playlife labels, with Sisley sporting a more elegant wear and with Playlife founded recently is targeting the students and teenage generation. Benetton offers just everything that is part of fashion, from leather to all sorts of leather goods, textiles in huge variety accessories, perfumes, and footwear. About ten years ago, the brand had even released a watches collection. Benetton was for long famous for its extravagant and sometimes even scandalous advertising campaigns, in each of which it has tried to bring attention to the differences, which should make people come closer to each other. In this way, Benetton was among the first brands ever that campaigned against any prejudice.

Benetton releases new collections quite often and it is famous for always having a row in the store, which contains discounted items. Benetton has great quality clothes that are very reliable and soft when you touch them. In Dubai, you can also find Benetton items in the Dubai Outlet centre. The Benetton store in the Dubai Mall is huge and it offers both Sisley and Benetton items. Most of the times Sisley labels are sold with the normal Benetton named labels in one store. Benetton works with a franchise system. In Dubai, you can find another two of its stores, one in the Mall of the Emirates, the second biggest shopping mall of Dubai, and the third one is in the Deira City Centre in the old town part of Dubai.

If you are planning to go or actually staying in Dubai for some part of the summer, you should really visit the Benetton stores because of the summer discount campaign and event called Dubai Summer Surprises. During this time, Dubai really does all its best to serve the tourist as best as they can. So, do not forget about Benetton stores while you are in Dubai. You might need another dress anytime during your summer holidays.

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