The Best Places To Buy Watches in Dubai

There are two basic types of watches shops in Dubai. One of the categories is those, which have their own brand stores under their name where they sell their goods. The jewellery and watches shops of designer brands also belong here. In addition, there are brands also sold by bigger Dubai brands, as it is more convenient to do, with the taxing and out of other business reasons.

Most of the best watches shops found in Dubai are in the huge shopping malls. There are dozens of shopping malls in this city, and representing all of them would take much time and number of pages, so we will get limited on the four best and biggest shopping centres of Dubai in order to represent which types of watches shops can you find in these.

Dubai Mall
Unquestionably, it is the Dubai Mall, which represents the biggest ever choice in terms of both jewellery and watches shops. As the two categories are often sold in one shop, in most places when you want to navigate yourself toward watches shops, you will see jewellery written or jewellery and watches. There are some stores, which offer the highest variety of all sorts of watches. In the Dubai Mall, if you opt for international choices, visit the Bloomingdale’s. Here, you will see a wide choice of fine watches mostly arriving from the US. Then, if you opt for the highest quality brands, you must visit the Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons jewellery stores. They offer the widest choice on luxury watches in Dubai. If you want to see other beautiful watches, visit the Al Futtaim stores or the Watch House. Al Futtaim offers the best Seiko, Puma, Adidas and Raymond Weil watches. Apart from these stores, the brand stores you can find here include Patek Philippe, Breuget, Breitling, Jaeger LeCoultre, Omega, Rolex and Longines stores.

Deira City Centre
Being the most prominent department store of the huge Deira district, Deira City Centre receives a large number of visitors every day. The biggest watches shops of Deira City Centre are the Ahmed Seddiqi Watches, Hour Choice and Watches corner. Here, you can find brand stores such as Dior Watches, Cartier, Rado, Rolex, Swatch and Ulysse Nardin. These bring you great variety and experience, while seeing some of the best ever watches in the world.

Bur Juman Shopping Mall

BurJuman is among the youngest shopping malls in Dubai. The other advantage of BurJuman is the Saks Fifth Avenue, among the first ever time that it has opened its store outside the United States. BurJuman with Saks together offers close to similar number and variety of watches shops than the huge Dubai Mall. Among the best brand stores in BurJuman, we can mention IWC Schaffhausen, TAG Heuer, Omega and Swatch. Of course, you can find huge shops of Damas, Al Futtaim and Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons with the best watches brands.

Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates is the second largest and biggest shopping mall of Dubai. It is virtually full of jewellery stores and watches shops. Here, the best choices in brand stores are the Piguet, Breguet, Breitling, Omega, and Rolex with the Patek Philippe brand shop opening very soon.

As you see, Dubai is the best place for finding watches shops with great choices. If you come in the summer, you will find that every Dubai watches shops have great discounts.

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